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Xstamper Pre-Inked

Xstamper has lead the way in laser manufacturing, giving customers faster and better print quality.
Whether you need assistance with office paperwork, labeling for your business, custom crafts or more,
we've got a product to get the job done right. For all your identification needs .


Xstamper Daters

Xstamper Dater Stamps are the best known date stampers in the office supplies industry.
Xstamper date stampers are respected for their high quality, effectiveness and durability.
You can order Xstamper daters in a variety of formats and styles.
Some of the most popular Xstamper daters are available through our online store.
Our wide range of dater stamps includes the Xpedater line of dater stamps,
Versadater line of dater Stamps, Small type dater stamps, Large type dater stamps,
date and time dater stamps and Rotary Xpedater Date Stamps, to name a few.
You can design your own personalized dater stamp at Xstamperonline.com.
Our online custom rubber stamp designer tool helps you design your own stamps and
gives you the satisfaction of having made your own dater stamp to suit your stamping needs.

Xstamper Die Daters

The sturdy Die Plate Dater prints the date in 1 color
while printing your custom message in the margin around the date in another color.
This stamp sits in an ink base and is designed for repetitive impressions.
Multiple color combination options available

Xstamper Numberers

Our Pre-Inked Dater stamps are perfect for all your date stamping needs.
They initially give 50,000 impressions before needing to be re-inked.
These daters are guaranteed for the through the life of the date bands.

Xstamper Stock Stamps

Pre-inked Xstamper Text Stamps are available in a variety of messages that are commonly used in offices.
Xstamper provides crisp and clean impressions before requiring additional ink and will allow for up to
50,000 impressions on your documents.
When impressions start fading, just a few drops of Xstamper ink is all you need
to extend the life of your stamp for tens of thousands of impressions more.

Xstamper Spin'N Stamp

Put your 3 most important stamps in 1 convenient spot. With a simple spin, you can move from stamp to stamp to stamp. It's easy to slide additional stamps in and out to fit your needs.

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